Pictured Above
Stephanie Bax
Patrick Cameron

Pictured Below
Scot Katinowski


“KILLER JOE was just incredible...What a powerful drama and what great performances! I'm telling all my friends to go see this play. Thank you.” --ART Patron

“What a strong ensemble...put together. KFC will never be the same after the Smith experience. Do your sub conscious a favor and go see this!”--ART Patron

“Licking my wounds (in a good way) the morning after. The production was incredible and the cast was stellar. Kudos also to the director. Today I look at the world differently than yesterday after seeing Killer, which is the highest praise to be given to a work of art. Thanks, ART.” --ART Patron
Texas, Murder & Fried Chicken

Emerging as a voice of new American playwrights, and Steppenwolf Company off-spring, Tracy Letts' works and words reflect a 21st Century American. His Pulitzer Prize winning "August: Osage County" is his most notable work. ART of WNY is proud to take patrons back to his very first work, Killer Joe, to get a glimpse at the raw, angry voice found in Letts' work.

With the backdropof a trailer-park,
Killer Joe tells the story of a desperate man, Chris Smith (played by Patrick Cameron) who hires a professional killer, Killer Joe Cooper (played by David C Mitchell, pictured above) to help him launch a plot to collect money. Intense, angry, dirty and raw, this Letts' production strips away the frosting from a donut in a whirlwind of betrayal,  tuna casserole, murder and fried chicken.

WBFO’s Theatertalk 4/13/12
The Artvoice--Anthony Chase
Buffalo News

“Took a group out to see KILLER JOE... The best words I can use to describe this piece is ‘shock and awe’! This show will take the words cutting edge to a whole new level. A must see for anyone who appreciates good raw challenging theatre. Well done to director Matthew LaChiusa and his entire cast. Well written, well directed and well performed. A triple feather in the cap... of the whole team at ART. This shows comes with my highest recommendation. Buyer beware: This show is not for the faint at heart! You might want to leave the kids at home for this one. Brilliant work!”--ART Patron
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The Buffalo News
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KILLER JOE--David C Mitchell
CHRIS SMITH--Patrick Cameron
ANSEL SMITH--Scot Kaitankowski
SHARLA SMITH--Stephanie Bax
(Artie Nominated for Best Supporting Actress)
DOTTIE SMITH--Jessica Wegrzyn
(pictured left)