Hatful of Rain

“This is a play at the intersection of social phenomena, of public obsession with drugs, with the societal role of women and the theater’s role in looking ahead and looking back at the era when the play is written.”

“A gutty, underappreciated drama, well mounted by the savvy and dedicated folks at the ART. Recommended to all who can stomach such things in the dead of winter! I was glad I attended.”--Buffalo Rising Online

“The cast and the set designer, Thomas LaChiusa, not only made the drama unfolding in front of us relevant, but saturated the space with a sense of fear, urgency, and tension that felt authentic in spite of, and perhaps in part because of, the repurposed nature of the production.”--Buffalo Theatre News


HATFUL OF RAIN features the acting talents of Artie Award winning actor Hugh Davis (JESUS HOPPED THE A-TRAIN) as a Korean War veteran fighting his morphine addiction and with his wife, played by Maura Nolan, try to cope with his drug dependency.

Directed by Matthew LaChiusa, HATFUL OF RAIN, is written by the Academy Award nominated actor known from GODFATHER II (Frank "Five Angels" Pentangeli), Michael V Gazzo. Starting out as a Broadway playwright and writing for film (including the screenplay for Elvis Presley's KING CREOLE), Gazzo was an instrumental figure in the Actors Studio and went on to film an TV acting until his death in 1995.


Hugh Davis (pictured left)
Maura Nolan (pictured above)
Raphael Santos (pictured left)
Victor Morales (pictured left)
Bryan Figueroa
Leo Dibello
Steve Brachmann
Brianna Lanoye

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