Little Robert

Three Stars-The Buffalo News
“Gail Golden returns to ART to direct, wisely and well, allowing the story to tell itself out, no hurry, tortured and anxiety-ridden like Johnson’s songs...The always precise (Hugh) Davis, believably combines agony, wonder and eleventh hour contrition. (Robert Ernie) Insana is charmingly despicable. Memorable roles, wonderfully played.” -Ted Hadley, The Buffalo News


The second show in ART/WNY's 2013-14 season featured Artie Award winning writer, Mark Humphrey's compelling story on the legendary, and mysterious, blues singer, Robert Johnson entitled LITTLE ROBERT. With the world premier in November, this original work was directed by Gail Golden (MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS)


Playwright Mark Humphrey has woven a tale of the final moments of Robert Johnson and a particular stranger by the name of Woodrow (played by Robert Ernie Insana) who is coming to collect on a contract. With the deal in place and the card game underway, Johnson (played by Hugh Davis) looks to find a compromise with Woodrow to find a way to live on in heart and soul.

Hugh Davis
Robert Ernie Insana