The 716 Voices Video Series

How are you viewing the world around you? 

The 716 Voices is a video series featuring monologues, essays and poems from WNY writers that utilizes local acting talent with  regional backgrounds.

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Transparency is our Goal
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13 Seasons of Diversity

As  American Repertory Theater of WNY looks to the future and resume bringing diverse theatrical productions to the stage, the company is establishing transparent means of operation. In particular, we see the need for improvement upon representation in casting. We are currently working towards making ART a safe space that ensures an inclusive artistic future for everyone.

The company's new motto will reflect it's belief in this community: Love the 716 in You!

The 2020-21 Season
A Year in Flux

The mission of the American Repertory Theater is twofold. First, the mandate of The American Repertory Theater of WNY is to produce both classic and contemporary theatrical works and support a new generation of playwrights. These productions are purposefully created through the innovative exploration of these selected works, thereby enhancing the cultural and intellectual experience of the theatergoer. Second, the American Repertory Theater of WNY will serve as a catalyst for community dialogue and action that will result in sustained economic growth and increase the collaboration within all sectors of our community.

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Love the ART in YOU