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If I Should Fall From Grace With God.The Pogues
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Dirty Old TownThe Pogues
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ART/WNY continues a season dedicated to 716 playwrights with a showcase highlighting local writers. FALL FROM THE GRACE OF GOD includes works based on the music of Celtic/punkers The Pogues. Featuring playwrights Jennifer Tromble, Mark C. LLoyd, TJ Snodgrass, Monish Bhattacharyya, Tim Joyce, Justin Karcher, Karen McDonald, Matthew LaChiusa, John F Kennedy and James A. Marzo, works are intertwined in a OUR TOWN meets Brendan Behan narrative connection all taking place at neighborhood dive-bar Martin's Bar & Grille. 

FALL FROM THE GRACE OF GOD  features a talented ensemble including Alyssa Grace Adams, Michael Breen,  Ian Michalski, Matthew Rittler, Trevor Dugan, Isabel Deschamps, Matthew Mogenson, Susan King, Kayla Victoria, Elliot Fox, Cameron Kogut, and Sarah Emmerling. 

Directed by Catherine Burkhart, Steve Vaughan, Stefanie Warwick & Matthew LaChiusa. Music direction by Susan King . With choreography/movement by Suzanne Hibbard. 

FALL FROM THE GRACE OF GOD opens March 10th and runs until April 2nd, 2022. ART/WNY has a pay-what-you-can ticket policy for the entire 2021-22 season.