Artie Nomination for Best Director: Drew McCabe
Artie Nomination for Best Actress: Diane DiBernardo Blenk
Artie Nomination for Best Ensemble
The House of the Blue Leaves
Written By John Guare


Directed: Drew McCabe

Assistant Director: Maura Nolan

Stage Manager: David Moran

Assistant Stage Manager: Katie Parker

Lighting Designer: Kathryn Ludwig

Set Designer: Thomas LaChiusa

Costume Designer: Elaine Heckler



Dianne DiBernardo Blenk: Bananas Shaughnessy

Robert Ernie Insana: Artie Shaughnessy

Maura Nolan: Corrinna Stroller 

Scot Kaitanowski: Billy Einhorn

Rick Lattimer: Ronnie Shaughnessy

Virginia Brannon: Head Nun

Lisa Sember: Nun

Erica Lorenzetti: Little Nuns

Eric Chancey: MP

Katie Parker: Nurse

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