12/11/16-Broadcast #61-Interview with WNY Actors David Mitchell, Stephanie Bax, Allison Barsi
The Voices celebrates the Holiday season with an interview with actors David C Mitchell, Stephanie Bax and Allison Barsi who are performing in the Buffalo-based Alleyway Theatre's production of Charles Dickens' timeless Holiday nugget "A Christmas Carol". The cast chats about their roles in the production, the process and offer thoughts on the socio-economic overtones in the work. The Voices also lists the broadcast's top 5 film depictions of Ebenezer Scrooge. Also in keeping with tradition, two favorite Voices guest join the show to offer their Holiday greetings and well wishes for the new year. 
to listen (59:58) or click here.....for direct download right click here

11/18/16-Broadcast #60-Interview with Aaron Krygier and Shayna Raichilson-Zadok
In keeping with season of gratitude, The Voices episode #60 asks the question What the F**K Are We Thankful For? WNY actor, writer and filmmaker Aaron Krygier and the multi-talented Shayna Raichilson-Zadok will answer the question while looking for thanks regarding the topic of the recent US Presidential Election, cats, their careers and Reality TV. Mp3 THANK YOU


10/23/16-Broadcast #59-Interview with Regional Paranormal Historian & Researcher Manson Winfield
Author of 12 books on WNY paranormal & supernatural history as well as founder of the popular Haunted History: Ghost Walks Tours, Mason Winfield joins the Voices to discuss his career in paranormal research, the differences between the scientific and researcher's approach to the subject and gives a hint at what his Halloween costume may be. Also The Voices offers the top five haunted sites in WNY. Mp3 click BOO


9/24/16-Broadcast #58-Interview with WNY actors Melissa Levin, Sue McCormick, Mara Morris and director Maura Nolan
The Voices sits with actors Melissa Levin, Sue McCormick, Mara Morris and director Maura Nolan from the upcoming American Repertory Theater of WNY's production of Hailey Feifer's HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS THEN KILL THEM. All offer their insight into the estranged characters in the piece, the work and share their opinion on the US presidential campaign. KILL THEM

8/25/16-Broadcast #57-Interview with Christopher Teal and Sara Kow Falcone
The Voices sits with Buffalo NY actors Christopher Teal and Sara Kow Falcone to discuss the American Repertory Theater of WNY's production of the musical, AMERICAN IDIOT. Both discuss their characters, the production and highlight their vocal skill by performing two songs from the production. The interview also has cuts from the original Broadcast cast recording of the musical, AMERICAN IDIOT. Mp3 click GREEN DAY


7/28/16-Broadcast #56-Interview with playwright Michael Fanelli, director Verneice Turner, actor Tamara Hoppersburger and stage manager Rachel Stiller
In show #56, the Voices join Buffalo playwright Michael Fanelli to discuss his one-act piece "Too Big To Fail". Alongside him is director and longtime Buffalo Dramatic Arts advocate Verneice Turner with actor Tamara Hopersburger and stage manager Rachel Stiller. All share their views about the upcoming piece featured in the Buffalo Infringement Festival as well as offer insight into original works in Buffalo, the process going into doing an original works and diabetic comas. Mp3 click MICHAEL


6/10/16-Broadcast #55: The Summer Music Extravaganza
Necessity is the mother of invention as the Voices dedicates an entire show to one of the greatest Buffalo-based band, The JackLords. Highlighting a local music summer showcase in this month's episode is the band's entire 1989 album, released by Skyclad Records, "Mother's Rock". Side one features songs "Train Load of Love", "Restless", "That's the Way it Should Be", "Cyclone", "Do the Nasty", "Try It", "Looped on Wahouki Beach". Side two continues the garage-rocking solstice dervish with the songs "In My Mind", "Dashboard Mary", "Tall Thin Ghost", "I WIsh You Would", "The World's Your Oyster", "Out on a Lamb" and a cover of Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King's "Tennessee Waltz".  Mp3 download click NASTY


5/24/16-Broadcast #54-Interview with WNY Theater Personality Catherine Burkhart
Regional theater actor, director and producer Catherine Burkhart joins The Voices to discuss her thoughts on local community theaters, passion versus pay in the Dramatic Arts, and decides between The Smith and The Cure. In the second half of show #54, The Voices highlights local actor Diane DiBernardo Blenk and director Drew McCabe as both received nominations for excellence in the regional theater awards program, The Artie Awards. (60:00) Direct Mp3 click Burkhart

4/16/16 Broadcast #53-Interview with Angela Hastings

Dancer, educator and serving as a current board member of the Buffalo NY based Sportsman Americana Music Foundation, Angela Valerio Hastings joins the Voices #53 and chats about all these aspects of her life as well as offer her thoughts on Americana music. Local Americana musicians featured throughout the interview include Leroy Townes, Ten Cent Howl, Steam Donkeys and Jerkbait. (60:00) Direct Mp3 Click Americana


3/24/16 Broadcast #52-Interview with Matthew Boyle
From the Southern Tier based Springville Center for the Arts, Matthew Boyle joins the Voices on show #52 to chat about the Center and an April 2016 event featuring seven local playwrights in a showcase entitled A Night of 10 Minute Plays. Included in the interview are excerpts from the playwrights featuring the works of Mark C LLoyd, Bella Poynton, Jon Elson & Winifred Storms, Megan Kemple and Matthew Boyle (57:00) Direct Mp3 Click Boyle


2/22/16 Broadcast #51-Interview with Diane DiBernardo Blenk

In show #51 WNY actor Diane DiBernardo Blenk discusses her journey from Buffalo to New York and back to Buffalo and the theater scene. Currently part of American Repertory Theater of WNY production of THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES, Diane chats about the compelling role of 'Bananas Shaughnessy' in the work, how she prepares for this role and the research she invested into the role. Excerpts from the production feature Diane, fellow WNY actors Robert Ernie Insana and Mara Morris. For a Mp3 direct click House of Blues


1/16/16 Broadcast #50-Homage to David Bowie/WNY Playwrights Showcase
A Renascence man who creativity influenced an entire generation, The Voices dedicates a large portion of the show celebrating the life and music of David Bowie. Buffalo playwrights were on display in an showcase celebrating the work of Charles Burchfield. The collaboration between the Burchfield Penny Gallery and the Dramatist Guild featured nine playwrights works based on three paintings by Burchfield. After the event, the Voices chatted with organized and Dramatist Guild regional representative and two playwrights featured in the evening, Darryl Schneider and Joy Scime. Also featured are excerpts from the showcase by Jim Marzo "Snow Patterns", Scime's "Life is Beautiful at the Edge of the Forrest" and Schneider's "The Swans". Direct Mp3 Click STARMAN

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