Christopher Teal-Jesus Christ

Anthony Alcocer-Judas Iscariot

Candice Kogut-Mary Magdalene

Nick Lama-Pontius Pilate

Casey Moyer-Simon Zealot

Elliot Fox-Caiaphas

Gary Andrews Steigliz-Herod

Tim Goehrig-Annas/Ensemble

Jack Kreuzer-Peter/Ensemble

Amy Feder-Ensemble

Jasmine Fiero-Ensemble

Rich Kraemer-Ensemble

Cameron Kogut-Ensemble

Courtney Maj-Ensemble

Kelly O'Hara -Ensemble

Katherine Parker-Ensemble

Madalyn Teal-Ensemble

Joe Spahn-Ensemble


Matthew LaChiusa-Director

Donald Jenczka-Music Director

Catherine Burkhart-Assistant Director

Lighting Design-Katie Ludwig

Costume Design-Elaine Heckler

Set Design-Thomas LaChiusa

"Having seen the great Ted Neeley in the title role in both the 1973 movie of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR as well as Mr. Neeley live in a touring production, I have to admit I was skeptical that a small local production could deliver the goods. Fear not. They do". -Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising

"Matthew LaChiusa, set designer Thomas LaChiusa and the rest of the production crew worked a few miracles of their own to squeeze the sprawling musical into ART’s intimate theater space, tucking the band (yes, the music is live) under a second story on the set and moving the players in every compass direction with an ease that belies its difficulty level."

-Melinda Miller, Buffalo News

Buffalo News-"3 Stars" 

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Christopher Teal as Jesus Christ; Anthony Alcocer (background) as Judas Iscariot

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