The Navigation Theatre Company 2019-2020 Season

Founded as a sister company of American Repertory Theater of WNY, the Navigation Theatre's two show season was cut short by the COVID 19 pandemic.  This fledgling company will see future productions in the works with the same dedication of bringing diversity, integrity, transparency and inclusivity to the stage. 

Written by Lindsay Price; Directed by Paige Allison;

Emotional Baggage
Emotional Baggage

By Lindsay Price; Directed by Paige Allison;Julia Nolan and the cast of "Emotional Baggage". (L to R) Andrea Cannizzaro, Len Mendez, Tim Coseglia, Raymond Caso, Suzie Hibbard and Sara Smith


Buffalo News - 3 out 4 Stars

Written by Lindsay Price; Directed by Paige Allison;


September  2019

Collaboration with Paige Allison's Healing Arts

Emotional Baggage 

by Lindsey Price 

Directed by Paige Allison


Suzanne Hibbard; Tim Coseglia, Len Mendez; Sara Smith; Julia Nolan; Andrea Cannizzaro; Ray Caso

October-November 2019

World Premier work by WNY Playwright

Kindness of Strangers

by Mark Humphrey

Directed by Matthew LaChiusa

Stage Manager Maura Coseglia

Set Design Matthew LaChiusa


Victor Morales 

Suzie Hibbard

Timothy Coseglia

Monish Bhattacharyya

John F Kennedy

Special Thanks

Jonathan Foreman & Michael Breen