The 2014-15 season will come to a resounding close with the showcasing some of the best WNY playwrights in the macabre telling of Western New York's history in the presentation of RUST BELT GROTESQUE.


The talented Michael J Starzyski will portray a fallen Vaudeville star in Matthew LaChiusa's MR PUSSY, Justin Karcher's MOST OF AMERICA'S WATER COMES THROUGH RUST BELT EYES featuring the acting talents of Meagan Kemple and Michael Seitz. The compelling story of three plotting dimwitted brothers comes to life in James Marzo's NO ONE WILL KNOW that features ART/WNY alumni David C Mitchell, Aaron Krygier, Christopher Standart, Sean Marciniak and the ART/WNY debut of Tim Goehrig and David Moran. Gail Golden returns to ART/WNY to direct Marzo's piece. Described as "innocence lost in the city", Mark C Lloyd's KILLING SIMONE features both ever-so-versatile actors Priscilla Young-Anker and Mike Leszczynski with Jasmine S. Ramos and the talented Bryan Figueroa. All four stories are navigated by ART/WNY newcomer Sadie Clark who narrated the evening's tales as a combination steam-punker and Rod Sterling. 


Photographs by Stefan Ludwig


 "It’s not a pretty narrative, but neither are most of the acts featured in Rust Belt Grotesque. The showcase of four one-act plays features four murders, three rapes and the pervasive theme of abandonment that plagues the Rust Belt."

"3 Star"s--The Buffalo News


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