Nov 17th - Nov 20th, 2021
3.5 Stars - The Buffalo News

October brings the return of the previously 2020-season scheduled "Something Wicked" by James Marzo.


The year 1825 was a momentous one for Buffalo, New York. The Erie Canal opened, connecting Lake Erie to the Hudson River, a celebration honoring the Marquis de Lafayette, hero of the American Revolution was held in Buffalo, and the city held its first and only public hanging. At least 20,000 witnesses gathered in Niagara Square to watch three brothers-Nelson, Israel, and Isaac Thayer-hang from the same gallows. This is the basis of James Marzo's work. Through his weaving of tight dialogue and dark humor, Marzo crafts a loose history of this macabre story how the Thayer brothers hatched a nefarious plan to murder money lender John Love in a desperate move to eliminate debt and avoid prison.


Suzanne Hibbard portrays the narrator 'Sadie' as Justin Pope, Charles McGregor, join Joshua Leary as the Thayer brothers. Additional cast members feature John F Kennedy, as 'Sheriff Torrey' and David Wysocki (portraying 'Deputy Willard') with Michael Breen as the unfortunate character of 'John Love'.  Directed by Matthew LaChiusa. Music Direction by Len Mendez.

Showdates and Times:

Oct 28th-29th,  7:30 pm;  Oct 30th, 5 pm

Nov 5th, 7:30 pm; Nov 6th, 5 pm

Nov 11th-12th, 7:30 pm, Nov 13th, 5 pm

Nov 18th-19th,  7:30 pm, Nov 20th, 5 pm