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12/13/15-Broadcast #49-The Voices of WNY Artists Internet Holiday Show
WNY actors Michael J Starzynski and Mary Mobius are featuring in this Holiday show celebrating the Spirit of the Season. Both chat about the show "Uh Oh, Here Comes Christmas" presented through Buffalo, NY based O'Connell and Company and share their thoughts on the story. The interview also features ensemble musical highlights from the production including a version of "Silent Night" by the cast and executive director Marykate O'Connell. In the second half of the broadcast, The Voices joins the show's favorite guest, Angel Lee Lee, and her cousin Linda Lou Lee, as both are baking a batch of Holiday cookies while offering season advice and handling a few calls from listeners. Mp3 download click GHOST OF XMAS 


11/19/15 Broadcast #48-Interview with actors John Profeta and Kathleen Godwin
The Voices join local actors John Profeta and Kathleen Godwin on the set of "Joe Hill's Last Will" being presented by Subversive Theatre. Both discuss the piece written by singer/songwriter and political activist Si Kahn, the legacy of labor activist Joe Hill, the production process, and preform three musical numbers from the production. The Voices also celebrates the 100 year birth of Joe Hill's legacy by several songs and spoken word written by Hill or for the American Folk Hero. Music selections include Billy Bragg ("Joe Hill"), Hazel Dickens ("Rebel Girl") and "Paper Heart" by Si Kahn with spoken word selections featuring Utah Philips and Joe Glazer. Phil Ochs also adds "Ringing of Revolution" to get folks into that Norman Rockwellian Thanksgiving spirit. For a Mp3 download ckick  JOE HILL


10/26/15 Broadcast #47--SPOOKTACULAR 47! 
In getting in the "spirit" of the season, The Voices brings in local artist (and Think Twice Radio personality) Eric Evinczik turned encyclopedia of Demonology to give his take on those things that may be causing the bumps in the night. Also celebrating the 10 year mark of the documentary GHOSTLIGHTS, filmmakers Bob Kupczyk and Thomas LaChiusa chat about this film featuring the accounting of six regional theaters paranormal history. Haunting stories from the film include Allendale theater costume designer Kenneth Shaw, lighting designer Brian Cavanagh, Shea's volunteer Sarah Hood, Ghostlight Theatre's Jessie Swartz and Lynn Metzger. For a Mp3 download click GHOSTLIGHTS


9/27/15-Broadcast #46-Interview with actors Heather Reed and Timothy Goehrig
In show #46 Western New York actors Heather Reed and Timothy Goehrig join The Voices to chat about their roles in the current production of CARRIE, THE MUSICAL presented through American Rep Theater of WNY. They share thoughts on the musical, their take on the characters they portray as well as offer their opinions on the history and relevance of CARRIE. Musical numbers highlighting the interviews are from the cast recording of the 2012 off-broadway revival of CARRIE. For a Mp3 download click KING


8/21/15-Broadcast #45-Preview of American Repertory Theater of WNY 2015-16 Season
In show #45, the Voices previews the upcoming American Rep Theater of WNY season that features two productions: CARRIE, THE MUSICAL and THE HOUSE OF THE BLUE LEAVES. Included in the preview are selections from the original Broadway cast recording of CARRIE and two interviews from ART/WNY's CARRIE ensemble members, Jenny McCabe and Emily Yancy. The preview of THE HOUSE OF THE BLUE LEAVES also features ART/WNY ensemble members Thomas LaChiusa, Scot Kaitanowski, Rick Lattimer performing sections of the work. Show #45 also features an interview with local artist Eric Evinczik who us also joined by a Think Twice Radio personality with a special announcement about an upcoming show on the TTR airwaves. Mp3 download 2015-16


7-22-15--Broadcast #44-The Buffalo Infringement Preview

The Voices returns after a two month summer hiatus to preview one of Buffalo's best summer festivals: The Buffalo Infringement Festival. Recorded live from the BIF press-release party, show #44 previews some of the acts that will be seen at this year's festival. Interviews include improv comedian Don Gervasi, local playwright James Marzo and music team, The Wood Bois as well as preview descriptions by the Stripteasers and BIF Music Event Coordinator Curt Rotterdam, and a poetry sample by Eddie Gomez. Music selections feature The Hutchinson Family Reunion, The Distillery Boys and Shattered Glass. Mp3  download click BIF


4/29/15 Broadcast #43-All Things Buffaluv...or Lack-there-of-Interviews with Local Playwrights James Marzo and Mark C Lloyd; Local Poet Dana Ingebretson

The Voices celebrates the region with interviews with local playwrights James Marzo and Mark C Lloyd. Both have featured one-acts in the American Rep Theater of WNY's showcase RUST BELT GROTESQUE. They both chat about their piece, the research behind their works and how it applied to this evening of telling the macabre side of the region's history. Mr Mazo's interview is highlighted with excerpts from his work, NO ONE WILL KNOW, featuring local actors David C Mitchell and Aaron Krygier. In the second half of the broadcast, Dana Ingebretson reads one of her pieces focusing on her perception of the Queen City. Music selections from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Wall of Voodoo and Johnny Cash are featured in the broadcast. Mp3 Direct Click MARZO


3/19/15- Broadcast #42-Interview with Actor/Playwright Stefan Brundage and Poet/Writer Carly Weiser

The Voices of WNY Artists Internet Broadcast joins regional actor Stefan Brundage and local poet/writer Carly Weiser on show #42 to discuss how they became involved in their respective fields, what inspires them, their thoughts on both the Buffalo theater and poetry scene, and offer their opinion on the future of Buffalo regarding all mediums of arts. Live excerpts from the American Repertory Theater of WNY's production of PICASSO AT LAPIN AGILE feature actors Stefan Brundage and Diane DiBernardo Blenk. Mp3 download click PICASSO (44:00)


2/13/15-Broadcast #41-Interviews with Poets Jimmie Byrd and Bruce McClausland

In a show celebrating Mardi Gras season, the Voices of WNY Artists Internet Broadcastsits with Mardi Gras Showcase poet, and actor, Jimmie Byrd as he shares how he got into both acting and poetry, his thoughts on poetry & poetry slams, recites one of his spoken word pieces, and offers opinion comedy improv and what makes fart jokes funny. The Voices co-host Mark C Lloyd finishes his three part interview series with regional poets as he sits with Bruce A McCausland to complete the interview trifecta. Bruce shares how he got into poetry and pottery and also recites three tasty poems for The Voices. This salute to Mardi Gras is complete with some carnival music by Cowboy Mouth, Louis Armstrong, Dash Rip Rock and many others to get the good times a rollin'. Clickhttp://thinktwiceradio.com/matt-lachiusa/matt-lachiusa.html to listen to this or recent interviews including Theater Journalist Anthony Chase. Mp3 Download click Mardi Gras


1/14/15-Broadcast #40-Interviews with Theater Journalist Anthony Chase and Local Poet Fred Whitehead

The Voices of WNY Artists Internet Broadcast begins a new year of shows and celebrates the 40th episode with Buffalo theater journalist and critic Anthony Chase. In this interview, the esteemed Mr Chase offers personal history and how he found himself in theater journalism, shares the history of the regional awards for theater excellence, THE ARTIES (and how the voting works) and reflects upon the Buffalo theater scene. In the second-half of the show, talented local poet Fred Whitehead is part of a three-part interview series featuring regional poets. Hosted by local playwright and poet, Mark C Lloyd, Mr. Whitehead shares the inspiration behind his writing, personal history and reads two outstanding poems as part of the interview. To listen to the broadcast and archived ones, please click VOICE 40


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